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Hello Friends. We are so glad you are here.
This is the story of how Rooted Fabrication came to be.
We are the McCarthy Family, and this is our story. 

The Beginning

Setting Down Roots

Our love of roots and what they symbolize began over 40 years ago on a two and a half acre piece of land owned by the McCarthy family. While living there, they made a concerted effort to plant trees. Adding trees to the land brought it to life, and beauty sprouted up all around them. Their hard work, and love of trees, planted a seed that would grow into a life long passion. 

Choosing a Name

Our family has a long entrepreneurial history. Sales, warehousing, manufacturing, and farming, are some of the ways we’ve poured into the community and established roots. We knew we wanted our new company’s name to reflect our passion. We also wanted a constant reminder that our company exists to do good, and that we humbly run our business

“rooted and established in love.”

Ephesians 3:17


Our Goal

We are blessed to be a blessing. Rooted Fabrication gives back to the community. We plant, volunteer, donate, serve, and make products that encourage and inspire. Thank you for choosing Rooted. Every purchase you make helps a person eat, plants a tree, and provides a job for someone in our community.


Our roots are grounded in the fertile soil of West Michigan, but our commitment is to a much wider area. Rooted Fabrication is dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet. As we succeed, that dedication will be felt in more than just our own backyard. Beyond our commitment to green solutions, Rooted Fabrication is also committed to making donations to non-profit organizations like Arbor Day Foundation, Kids Alive, and Feeding America West Michigan. 

Making a Difference

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