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What We Do

Rooted Fabrication takes pride in developing and creating unique and individualized products for our customers. Our technologically advanced facilities, established abilities, top notch employees, and drive for continual improvement mean each customer gets the very best we have to offer. 

Always Growing

In your backyard, or on 150 acres, growing is something we can all get behind. 

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Less is More

Safe, secure, cost effective, and environmentally friendly. Our packaging solutions check all the boxes. 


Comfort and Style

We help you get exactly what you want out of your space. 

Agricultural Products

Growing things is never easy, though somehow weeds manage, despite our best efforts.

Rooted Fabrication wants to help you grow through the use of our products. We can develop the tools you need to help your plants grow. No matter if you have thousands of plants, or just a couple, our products will allow them to thrive, and you to save time and energy. 

We can help you grow your business and your skills alongside your plants. 

Packaging Products

Rooted Fabrications has been grounded in the packaging industry since 1968. When the company split off from Pioneer Molded Products in 2020, that expertise carried over.

Rooted Fabrication specializes in customizable packaging used in numerous markets.

No matter what you're making, the end result has to go somewhere. Sometimes it's up the stairs, and sometimes it's across the country or even around the world. Rooted Fabrication is here to make sure it gets where it needs to go, without any issues.  

Furniture Products

Function isn't the only consideration when it comes to furniture. Aesthetics are also incredibly important. 

Our experts can bring your project to life with both style and functionality. With decades of experience, our team can offer creative solutions and recommendations based on your specific needs. 

Agricultural Products
Packaging Products
Furniture Products
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